Johnson Creek Tennesee Cured PG/VG

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Today I also tried the Tennessee Cured smoke juice from Johnson Creek.  I got both the original PG/VG blend, and the VG only (Red Oak)

It is only fair that I review them each separately because there is a difference in the two.

I am reviewing the Johnson Creek Original in this review.

Looking at their web page for this flavor, I see it has the following: “rich and smoky tobacco flavor”…”hints of burnt caramel and vanilla that combine with a smooth, mesquite vapor”.

Personally, I would say they hit this one nose.  I can taste all the flavors they mentioned. Some more of a hint than a full flavor, but that is one of the things that makes it real nice.  It is a good strong tobacco, with plenty of great undertones to boot.  It is the most cigarette tasting flavor I have found yet.  However, like anyone that vapes will tell you…  you are not going to find something that tastes just like a real cigarette.  And that is a good thing, because all of the flavors I have tried so far are much better than a real cig.

Vaping this one is like walking into a fine tobacco store and just inhaling the essence of the room.  It isn’t a cigar smell, or a pipe smell, but a blend of great tobacco flavors.  I could vape this all day, and love it each time, except for the smell of the vapor at times seems to have a slight medicine or chemically taste and smell to it.  In it’s defense, that could be due to having the Island flavor in just before, but I have dripped 5 times and each time there is a lot of juice in the bowl, I get this added aroma that I don’t care for.   Once I get it heated up and going, it looses that funky taste, and gets into the real nice flavor of this juice.

It has a good throat hit, but on the mild side, and the tobacco flavor is solid.  It produces a good solid amount of vapor too.

I am dripping into a MOV Corsair dripping atty, so I can change flavors as I wish.  I chose the corsair, because I like more air flow than any of the other tips seem to offer that I have found, and this one is adjustable to my liking.

This Johnson Creek Tennessee Cured flavor is one you should ad to your list of flavors to sample, and quite possibly be one you will keep coming back to for years to come.

It just might become your daily vape. I am really having a good time vaping this in my electronic cigarette.

Happy Vaping,

Tim L