Rainier… from Johnson Smoke Juice

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Well, the name of this one gives you no clue as to what it will be.  Thankfully, they let you know on their site, that it is one of two  cherry flavors that they carry.  As I opened the bottle of e-liquid, I could smell the cherry flavor already.  Once opened, I took a light whiff…

Smells just like cherry cough drops. I thought, that it wouldn’t be very good at all.  So, I put a few drops into my corsair atty, and vaped it to give it a try.  I  could definitely taste the cherry right off the bat. Not smack you in the face strong, but it was there with a pretty bold cherry flavor.  One thing I noticed from the first puff, was how strong the vapor production is.  More so than with any other flavors I have tried yet.  This is a strong and mild flavor at once… kinda hard to explain.

I didn’t notice much throat hit right off the bat, so I turned up my ego twist a bit more, and there it was.  With more vapor too…  it made my electronic cigarette look like a smoke machine.

I am not sure why I read so many people talking about a tobacco flavor in this.  There is no tobacco…  they must have been putting it into a carto that they had not cleaned out that had a tobacco flavor in it before.  I personally think this would be a good flavor to add to some tobacco flavors that I don’t care for, so I will hold onto it for that, as they come up and see how it does.

It is not one of my favorites, and clearly not an all day vape for me, but it is OK.   It does have good flavor without being harsh, and a small but noticeable throat hit – more so, if you can dial up your voltage a bit.  But it has that cherry cough syrup flavor, that you either love or don’t.

I will try their black cherry and see if it is more to my liking.  But for vapor production alone… this has the most vapor I have seen on any flavor yet.

It is not going to be easy to flush this flavor out of my atty without putting in a new wick…  I have more flavors I want to get to, for you today.  I will probably have to flush my e-cig with some pure pg that I have to get it to be tasteless again, then try a new flavor.