Spiced Apple Cider, Another Johnson Creek Smoke Juice

February 27, 2013 by  
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As I open this bottle of smoke juice, I can smell a hint of apple and a different almost perfume type smell.  Not my favorite flavor to smell right out of the bottle, so let’s see how things go with the actual vaping on my electronic cigarette.

First off, that rainier cherry flavor isn’t completely gone yet, though I flushed it pretty good with pure PG.  I will come back to this review once I am on a clean atty so I can give a proper review of this flavor and not how the other one blended in.

OK..  now that I am starting out with a fresh atty, and I can give an honest opinion of this flavor, let’s get started.

This is the mildest flavor I have tried from JC so far.  The apple comes through fine, along with cinnamon, and perhaps a couple of other light but spicy flavors.  The tobacco hint is very mild, and gives it a good taste on the back end. It does have that cider flavor to it as well.  Over all, it is above fair on flavor, due to the complexity this must have been to create, but it is not going to be one of my top flavors by any means.

As far as vapor production…  it is extremely low.  Throat hit is pretty mild too.  However, I dial up the voltage to 4.2 volts, and I do get a modest light vapor, and a ton of throat hit.  The vapor for most people I think will be more than disappointing.  It sure is for me.

When I put an e-liquid in my electric cigarette, I expect to see a good amount of vapor. This spiced apple cider just did not deliver for me.

My wife likes the flavor, but it didn’t strike her as a winner either.

I think I will finish these last 3 drops from my atty, and clean it out.  I want to try the summer peach flavor next, so look forward to that review after I eat dinner tonight.  I have been saving that for then, because I read a lot of good reviews about it on the JC website.

To sum it up – smells funky in the bottle, but the aroma when your vaping it, is delicious – Has a nice flavor – produces extremely little vapor –  over all not satisfying.

Maybe a more VG addition will help it out, or an all VG version of it, to give it that vapor boost it so desperately needs.

Hey, I know how it would be good..  for those that want to vape say maybe in a movie theater, or some place they do not want to be noticed so much, this would be a good choice.  Just not my cup of tea, as they say.