JC’s Summer Peach flavor.. nice e liquid

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Wow, this is one that I just can’t wait to talk about.

As I opened the bottle of summer peach, from Johnson Creek, I was hit with a pleasing tobacco smell. I thought I would smell the peach, but instead, it just smells like a great tasting mild tobacco blend.  My nose did not pick up any smell of the peach flavor at all.  This lead me to think that it would be a disappointing flavor once I started vaping it.   Boy, was I wrong, and I am glad I was.

I put 4 drops into my atomizer to get it going, and took a few puffs. The peach flavor really stands out, with a bit of an apricot flavor coming through the back end.  That is a great combination.  I am not sure what happened to the tobacco flavor i can definitely smell when smelling the bottle, but this is one great tasting e-liquid for sure.   I don’t know about it making me feel like summer, since it is the end of February and about 32 degrees outside, but it sure lights up my taste buds.

One thing I noticed it is had a mild throat hit, and very little vapor production, but even with little vapor, it has great flavor.  That gives me mixed emotions on this one, because myself, and many others really enjoy a large vapor when we vape.  I think I will try putting a small amount into a vial and mixing with 20% VP and see if the vapor production comes out without watering down the flavor.  It is hard to say I am disappointing with this flavor due to the low amount of vapor, because the actual flavor is so delicious…  But it does leave me wanting for a nice thick vapor cloud.

I will add to this post once I try with 20% VG in just a bit.  Stick around and see how it goes.

Rainier… from Johnson Smoke Juice

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Well, the name of this one gives you no clue as to what it will be.  Thankfully, they let you know on their site, that it is one of two  cherry flavors that they carry.  As I opened the bottle of e-liquid, I could smell the cherry flavor already.  Once opened, I took a light whiff…

Smells just like cherry cough drops. I thought, that it wouldn’t be very good at all.  So, I put a few drops into my corsair atty, and vaped it to give it a try.  I  could definitely taste the cherry right off the bat. Not smack you in the face strong, but it was there with a pretty bold cherry flavor.  One thing I noticed from the first puff, was how strong the vapor production is.  More so than with any other flavors I have tried yet.  This is a strong and mild flavor at once… kinda hard to explain.

I didn’t notice much throat hit right off the bat, so I turned up my ego twist a bit more, and there it was.  With more vapor too…  it made my electronic cigarette look like a smoke machine.

I am not sure why I read so many people talking about a tobacco flavor in this.  There is no tobacco…  they must have been putting it into a carto that they had not cleaned out that had a tobacco flavor in it before.  I personally think this would be a good flavor to add to some tobacco flavors that I don’t care for, so I will hold onto it for that, as they come up and see how it does.

It is not one of my favorites, and clearly not an all day vape for me, but it is OK.   It does have good flavor without being harsh, and a small but noticeable throat hit – more so, if you can dial up your voltage a bit.  But it has that cherry cough syrup flavor, that you either love or don’t.

I will try their black cherry and see if it is more to my liking.  But for vapor production alone… this has the most vapor I have seen on any flavor yet.

It is not going to be easy to flush this flavor out of my atty without putting in a new wick…  I have more flavors I want to get to, for you today.  I will probably have to flush my e-cig with some pure pg that I have to get it to be tasteless again, then try a new flavor.

Johnson Creek Tennessee Cured 100% VG Smoke Juice

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Wow, I am vaping a lot of these new flavors today, and can’t wait to put up my reviews.  I also tried the Tennessee Cured smoke juice from Johnson Creek in the VG only (Red Oak) line of flavors.

It is a lot like the 50/50 blend but has some noticeable differences.  It is only fair that I review them each separately because there is a difference in the two that is worthy of separating.

I am reviewing the Johnson Creek Red Oak 100% VG in this review.

Looking at their web page for this flavor, I see it has the following: “rich and smoky tobacco flavor”…”hints of burnt caramel and vanilla that combine with a smooth, mesquite vapor”.  It is a real nice combination of flavors, for sure.

Personally, I would say they hit this one out of the park!  It is quite a bit better than it’s pg/vg counterpart.   I can taste all the flavors they mentioned, and it is a bit sweeter.  It is a real nice, good strong tobacco flavor, with great undertones too.  I think I prefer this one over the pg/vg version because it is a little sweeter – not much, but just enough to smooth things out better.

Vaping this is like walking into a fine tobacco store and just inhaling the essence of the room, just like the PG/VG version, but a softer tone to it.  I could vape this all day, and love it – and I think I will vape it the rest of this evening, just to make sure I am correct on that.

One thing that I noticed was this does not have that medicine kinda flavor/smell, that the other version has at times.  This one is very consistent, and really  good tasting.

It has a good non harsh throat hit, and the tobacco flavor is solid.  It produces a good solid amount of vapor too. A bit more vapor I think, than the PG/VG version.

I am dripping into a MOV Corsair dripping atty at 4 volts.  I chose the corsair, because I like more air flow than any of the other tips seem to offer that I have found, and this one is adjustable to my liking.

This Johnson Creek Tennessee Cured all VG flavor is one you should ad to your list of flavors to sample. If your like me, you may find that you like it better than the 50/50 pg/vg blend.   I am really glad they made this both ways though, because I am sure there are plenty of people that do not want that slight added sweetness in it.  However, I think that makes this flavor even better than the original.

It just might become your daily vape, over the pg/vg version.

I think I like it more for sure, and most of what I vape is 50/50 blend.

After trying this one, I think I plan to sample more and more VG only flavors to see what else I may find that is good.

Vape on,

Tim L

Johnson Creek Island Flavor smoke juice

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Johnson Creeks Island flavor.

Ok, today I am writing a quick review on the Island flavor from Johnson Creek Smoke Juice.  This is one that I was not sure about at all.  I mean there was not much of a flavor description on their website, but I thought what the heck, and ordered a sample, along with 9 other samples.

All I can say is WOW..  so far, this is my favorite flavor.  There is no tobacco flavor in it that I can tell.  They say there is a little in it.. All I know for sure, it is a real good.   It has a nice pineapple and coconut with some rum hints, and then some caramel laced tobacco flavor too.  Now I can taste the caramel for sure.   It starts out with a pineapple and coconut flavor as you take it in, then slowly you notice the other flavors coming to you as well.  It is one that I find to be real good.  My wife didn’t even think I would like it.  Glad I didn’t listen to her before I tried it.

This is the first all VG flavor I have tried.  It is definitely not going to be the last, because of how smooth this flavor is.  As I begin to make my own flavors, I will try some VG blends of each to see how they fair, compared to their pg/vg counterparts.  And that is all thanks to how flavorful this Island flavor is.  I didn’t think a VG only e-liquid could carry the flavor this well, but I am very pleasantly surprised.

As far as throat hit goes.. it is very smooth and mild.  I turn up my ego twist to 4 or 4.2 volts to get a decent hit. It seems to make a bit of a flavor enhancement as well.  Like their site says, if you like pina coladas, you will love this…  Well, I never had a pina colada, and I love it anyways.  It is definitely one of my favorite flavors to date.

If your not sure about it, give it a try with a sample like I did.  It is only 5 mils,  and if you get 5 samples, it even costs less than the $3.95 single price, and you get a round tin that they come in.   Oh, also, they come in a glass bottle, with a chile proof lid, and a separate dropper top that is also child proof.   It looks like Johnson creek takes the extra step as far as packaging and product care goes.

Give them a try if your looking for some quality flavors. I will review the other 9 flavors I received as well.