Johnson Creek Island Flavor smoke juice

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Johnson Creeks Island flavor.

Ok, today I am writing a quick review on the Island flavor from Johnson Creek Smoke Juice.  This is one that I was not sure about at all.  I mean there was not much of a flavor description on their website, but I thought what the heck, and ordered a sample, along with 9 other samples.

All I can say is WOW..  so far, this is my favorite flavor.  There is no tobacco flavor in it that I can tell.  They say there is a little in it.. All I know for sure, it is a real good.   It has a nice pineapple and coconut with some rum hints, and then some caramel laced tobacco flavor too.  Now I can taste the caramel for sure.   It starts out with a pineapple and coconut flavor as you take it in, then slowly you notice the other flavors coming to you as well.  It is one that I find to be real good.  My wife didn’t even think I would like it.  Glad I didn’t listen to her before I tried it.

This is the first all VG flavor I have tried.  It is definitely not going to be the last, because of how smooth this flavor is.  As I begin to make my own flavors, I will try some VG blends of each to see how they fair, compared to their pg/vg counterparts.  And that is all thanks to how flavorful this Island flavor is.  I didn’t think a VG only e-liquid could carry the flavor this well, but I am very pleasantly surprised.

As far as throat hit goes.. it is very smooth and mild.  I turn up my ego twist to 4 or 4.2 volts to get a decent hit. It seems to make a bit of a flavor enhancement as well.  Like their site says, if you like pina coladas, you will love this…  Well, I never had a pina colada, and I love it anyways.  It is definitely one of my favorite flavors to date.

If your not sure about it, give it a try with a sample like I did.  It is only 5 mils,  and if you get 5 samples, it even costs less than the $3.95 single price, and you get a round tin that they come in.   Oh, also, they come in a glass bottle, with a chile proof lid, and a separate dropper top that is also child proof.   It looks like Johnson creek takes the extra step as far as packaging and product care goes.

Give them a try if your looking for some quality flavors. I will review the other 9 flavors I received as well.