Stag leaf tobacco by flavor west, review

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Today I am breaking down and writing another tobacco flavor review for Flavor West’s, stag leaf tobacco flavor.   I mixed this batch at 2% flavor back on 5-5-13, and it is now 6-30, so it has had almost 2 months to steep.  That is plenty of time for any flavor.  Most of these have not needed that long at all.  I have just been busy doing other things, and just finally getting back to this.  Oh, also, there is no nicotine in this test batch at all.  After so many bad flavors, I decided to stop using nicotine in it until I find a good flavor to put it in.

As I opened the bottle to get it ready, it almost has a bit of a cinnamon smell in it.  Not really, but kinda like that, along with perhaps some berry incense or something along that line.  Not too appealing before I ever got a puff of it, but at least it isn’t knocking me against the wall like some flavors will.   It is really a hard to explain smell…  not horrid, but not what I would call good.  On to the taste testing..

Ok, I have vaped this for about 30 minutes now, and I am not really impressed.  It is not as bad as it could be, but at just 2% flavor, it has a very odd taste for something that is supposed to be a tobacco flavor.  I come up with a mild tingle, like when you eat a red hot, with a potpourri flavor mixed in.  Kinda an earthy floral taste going on in this one.  Not like the incense it smells like, but more of one of those bags of potpourri that you pick up at the store to put in those candle heated bowls.

One thing I can say for sure, is that it is not horrid tasting.  It is on the interesting side, but it would definitely not be my daily vape, or an all day vape for me.  There is something about it that peaks my interest, but there is enough oddity to it, to put me off a bit.

After vaping on this stag leaf tobacco for a while now, I tend to think that they were going to that flavor you get when you have your first cigarette in a long time… that kinda tingly spiciness, that soon goes away with just another cigarette or two.  Maybe this is it for some other brand of cigs, but not for the ones I have smoked in the past.   It also leaves a bit of a grassy after taste in your mouth.  Almost like an eggnog spicy flavored grass.  Yet the flavor it leaves on your lips is more of the flowery potpourri flavor.  It is real hard to explain this one.    I mean, everyone’s taste buds are going to be a bit different, and this is not my cup of tea, but it may hit the mark for you.  Or, it may be a good addition to another flavor.

I keep trying to think of how this would work for me.  I think if put with a chocolate, and custard, this would be good for making a boston cream tobacco flavor..  That is about all I can come up with as I vape this flavor.

It is clear to see what they were going for, with that first smoke in a long time kind of flavor, but that after taste just looses the battle for me.  I will be saving this one though, and trying it some day with a good chocolate and custard to see if I am right about the boston cream tobacco mix.  Or perhaps with an eggnog flavor it will work well.  It kinda has an eggnog hint going on in there somewhere.   Maybe that strange flavor I am coming up with is more along the lines of a ginger flavor..  That makes more sense to me than cinnamon and eggnog… Then you have a bit of that flowery maybe citrus type flavor on the exhale.  It is an odd one for me.

It is not at the top of my list, but it is a keeper for trying other mixed flavors to see if I can get something good to come out of it.  However, it is not at the bottom of my list of flavors I have tried either.  Due to the distinct different flavor sensations I am getting from this stag leaf tobacco, by flavor west, I would say it has my curiosity peaked, as to what I can do with it, because it is clearly not a stand alone flavor for me.

I hope this review of my 2% mix of Flavor West’s, stag leaf tobacco is helpful to someone out there trying to find out what flavors will work for them.   I can neither recommend or condemn this one.   Good luck with your DIY mixes!

Tim L

Coumarin Pipe Tobacco, e liquid flavor by Flavor west, DIY review

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Hello, and thank you for stopping by.  I know there are not many reviews out there on Flavor west Flavors, so stay tuned as I run through about 27 of them for you.   This time up is Coumarin Pipe Tobacco flavor for my smoke juice.   If you enjoy a mildly sweet and mild tobacco flavors, you may really like this one a lot.

I started with this on 5-5-2013 at the following mixture:  2% flavor, 0 nicotine, and it is a 50/50 pg/vg blend e-juice.  I let it steep for quite some time, as it is June 1rst, and I haven’t tested it before today.  Many times, I will test vape my flavors the next day, but I have been busy and away from my flavor testing for a while.

To start, I fully cleaned my atty, and replaced the wick and coil, for a fresh clean flavor test.   Soaked the wick good, then gave a small vape to see what it was all about.  To my surprise, it was really nice.  Slightly sweet, but not over powering like a candy flavor at all, a hint of vanilla is roaming around in there too.  Just the slightest hint of tobacco in there – almost non at all.  I think it would be nice to get just a bit more of that in it, so I may try a slightly stronger batch to see how that goes.   However, as it is, it is a really nice mild vape with great vapor production.  In a sense, I seem to feel like there is a bit of a hint of perhaps a light custard in there somewhere.  Kinda creamy smooth feeling to it as I vape it.  I have to say, I wish I would have put some nicotine in this batch, because I would like to vape this for a day to see if I change my feeling about it.  Perhaps I will put some nic in it, but I have to be careful with a small 5 mil batch like this, because my nic is 100 mg, so it takes just a smidgin or it will be too strong.   Luckily, that e-juice me up calculator will figure that out just fine.

I had my wife try this, and she thought it was pretty good too.  Not enough for her to leave her banana nut bread addiction, but she at least said it was good.

Since I have never heard of this flavor before, I looked it up, on Google of course.  It is a natural flavor that comes from a few types of grasses, clovers and bark.  It is naturally sweet, and has a hint of vanilla taste to it.  This is not toxic to humans, but very toxic to mice and rats.  The flavor is used in cigarettes and pipe tobaccos, and is what lead to all the reports of rat poison in cigarettes.  For more information, I suggest the Wikipedia page on it.   In the amounts that would be in your vapor mix, it should be completely harmless to humans.

I think I will test this at 3 and 4% flavor to see how it goes.  Hopefully I will remember to come back and edit this post as I do, but at 2% it is a real nice tasting vape juice.  I am just looking for a bit more on the tobacco end of the flavor.  If I don’t find it, then it would be pretty  simple to mix a small amount of another good tobacco into it for more of that tobacco taste that it seems to be missing, but the more I vape it, the more I like it the way it is.

Definitely on the must try list of flavors for you.  If your looking for a good DIY flavor, this is a real good one.  Start around 2% and work up from there if you need it stronger.

Testing at 4%:

Ok, I have made the 4% flavor batch at 15% nic to test out.   The batch has steeped for 10 days.  The first thing I noticed was that adding more flavor has given it a bit of color.  It is almost clear, but has a slight peachy pinkish hue.  The flavor is a bit bolder, still quite nice also.  It has that creamy taste to it, kinda like the orange dream bar.  The vapor production seems to be about the same as the 2% batch.

Hey guys and gals, if your looking for a nice mild almost sweet tobacco flavor, you have got to give this one a go.  It is real nice.  I could see it being an all day vape for sure.  If you like more of a throat hit, they make stuff you can add to your mix to increase that.  I think I prefer the milder throat hit, because I vape a lot, and harsh flavors tend to give me a soar throat after a day of vaping it.  This one should not be any issue for that at all – mild and creamy.  Mm, we have a winner with this flavor.

Once I vape this dry, I will try one of the other 3 flavors I have mixed up.

Happy vaping,

Tim L


Jungle Juice flavor, by Flavor West

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I read posts on some electronic cigarette forums about a flavor called Jungle Juice.  Nobody said what it tastes like, but they were saying they really liked it.  So, I made sure to include that in my batch of flavors to check out.   I mentioned this flavor in my last post, so I figured I better stop the tobacco flavor reviews and get this one posted, because I should have posted it weeks ago, but got side tracked.

The name Jungle Juice, by itself lends no hint of what this flavor will taste like.  It leaves you guessing completely, and I could find no explanation anywhere on the net when I was looking, so I want to be sure to let you know what this odd named flavor is all about.  To start with, if you look for recipes, you will find a few different variations.   Even after seeing the recipes, you will have no clue how it will taste.  I am not sure if they are leaving it a mystery on purpose, or what, but I am about to remove the vale on this hidden gem of a flavor.

I mixed this batch up on April 28th, 2013.  I let it sit for 24 hours like most of my flavors before the first test.   The flavor mix was at 15%, and I made the nic level at 12 milligrams per liter.   The mixture is a deep golden color, with a bit of orange coloring to it and some brown.  It is not what I would call a dark colored smoke juice, but it is far from clear.  A bit darker than say, apple juice.

To test this stuff out, I took out the Jungle Juice bottle, cleaned my atty, then made and put in a new wick and coil so the flavor would be just this jungle juice flavor with nothing else mixed into it.  I had no idea what I was about to get into here.  Ok, so I put ten drops or so into the chamber, and got ready to take a drag.  I could smell this e-liquid pretty well, as it is quite aromatic.  It smells nice and fruity, I guess is the best way to describe it.  So, I took a puff of this from my atty.   A small one at first, as I have had some wicked bad flavors, and didn’t want a ton of a bad one at once.  As soon as I took the drag, I started noticing this flavor that I have tasted before.  It is very fruity, and a touch of sweetness to it as well, but not too sweet.  The best way to describe it, is to pop a piece of juicy fruit gum into your mouth and chew it.  So similar it is not funny, but there is a twist…

Once I took a bigger puff, the other part hit me. (the twist I mentioned)  Just a hint of cooling menthol.  No, I am no fan of anything menthol, and didn’t notice it on the first hit, because it was a small hit, and I don’t think I inhaled it, as I was just pulling the vapor into my mouth to try out the flavor.  However, once I took that next big vape, I noticed it as I inhaled it deeply.  It did catch me off guard, but it was not bad at all.  I mean I could tell it was there, but it was a long ways from being over powering.  I liked the flavor a lot, and my wife did too.  One thing I noticed, was the more I vaped it,  the less I noticed the menthol.   It is so mild, I wouldn’t put it in the same category as a menthol flavor.  It is more of a cooling icy flavor.

This is all being said from someone that generally hates anything menthol.  This is a really great flavor to ad to your mix of flavors.  I can see why several I read on the forums said they made this their all day vape.  It is really that good. A must try.  If your into flavors that produce good vapor, you will enjoy this also, as it creates a great amount of vapor.  It seems to be great at about 3.8 to 4.0 volts on my ego twist battery.

Remember, you may like your flavors milder or stronger than I made mine.  Just use this as a starting point, and blend to your own tastes, and have a great tasting flavor to vape as often as you wish, for a fraction of the cost of store bought brands.

Happy Vaping,

Tim L

Tidewater Tobacco by Flavor West – DIY Review

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I mixed up a batch of the tidewater tobacco by Flavor West, on 5-5-2013.   Today I am sampling it.  The flavor mix is at 2%, as everything stronger would gag almost anyone, on the other tobacco flavors I have tested out.

Right off the bat, first few hits are showing promising signs of a decent tobacco flavor, or possibly one…  with one major exception.  The throat hit is amazingly strong, harsh, or what ever you would call it.  Almost like a dry hit kind of strong.   I am going to take a few minutes, get a drink and come back to it.  I know the wick is completely soaked, so it is not a dry hit, but it seems a lot like it.

Ok, I am back now.   It is real strong.  A slight grassy taste to it, but absolutely none of the perfume crap that I have been tasting in their other tobacco flavors.  It is much better in that respect.  Well, only a very slight hint of that talc powdery feel to it on my inner mouth, and a super slight hint of that perfume to it, but so slight, you hardly notice it until you keep looking for it.

It is starting to look like the issue may be my new wick.  I really soaked it good now, and the harshness seems to be gone.  The vapor production is pretty darn good.  Maybe the highest for any of the tobacco flavors I have tried so far, and it is on the lowest power setting of my ego twist battery.

Now that the harshness is gone, and I got a drink to clear my throat of the burning…  The grassy flavor seems very mild, and I am starting to think this may be one of the best tobacco flavors from Flavor west.  I bought them all, and only have 3 more to test out after this one.  This may just be my new base flavor for things like bluebacco, and others.  At least until I find one better – perhaps a different brand will bring better vaping in the future, but only time will tell.

I am going to vape on this for a few hours and see if it looses it’s luster.  At only 2% flavor mix, I am surprised it isn’t all washed out, but it is actually nice.  I even had my wife take a few hits to get her opinion on it, and she said it was pretty darn good.  She liked it a lot.

Again, this is a 50/50 mix of PG and VG, and I did not put any nicotine in these test batches.   Now that the wicking issue seems to be fixed, the throat hit is very smooth and creamy.  Why did I say creamy?   Because it seems to have a very slight cream flavor going in.  The grassy flavor seems to be all but gone, and I am not noticing any bad after taste coming in to my mouth at all, after about 20 minutes of vaping this.

It does seem to have a mild tobacco flavor to it.  I kinda expected a bit more of that, but over all, this is pretty good tasting.  I will add one percent of flavor to see if it gets any better or if it takes it the other direction, but at 2%, it is pretty decent, and could be an all day vape as it is mild and not at all over powering, and is not leaving any kind of a lingering flavor in my mouth.  I do notice though, that with this flavor, if it even starts to run low on liquid, it produces that super harsh hit, quicker than any of the other flavors I have tried to date.

It is a definite one for you to try out if you are DIY vape juice mixing to find better and cheaper ways to vape.

Happy Vaping,

Tim L

Honeywood Tobacco by Flavor West – review, DIY

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Well, Here goes the test of the Honeywood Tobacco, by flavor west.

Once again, it is more of a perfume flavor than anything else.  I taste no honey, no wood, and clearly no tobacco.  What is up with their flavor testers???

It is a lighter flavor  of tobacco regular.  Good vapor production,  more of that stupid perfume flavor.

This is going to be a super short review, because I am getting upset at all these horrid flavors I bought from Flavor West.  I still have several more tobacco flavors to test out.  I hope I can stomach them.  I am only going to test one more today, then giving my taste buds the rest of the day off.  Unfortunately, they deserve a break.

Oh, in case I didn’t say it clear enough..  Honeywood tobacco flavor, from flavor west at 2%


Tim L

Tobacco Regular by Flavor West – review, DIY

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I am testing out a 2% flavor batch of tobacco Regular, by flavor west today.  I sure hope it is better than the last batch I tried, as I am getting sick and tired of one perfume infested flavor after another.   I hope this review of the DIY flavors by flavor west will help people out, as I bought 27 flavors and there is not any mixing info on the net that I can find as far as how strong to make them.

Ok, here we go:

GROSS….   It is another damn perfume tasting batch of garbage.

I am really getting tired of tasting horrible tasting flavors from them.  Not one bit of tobacco flavor in it at all.  I can make out nothing but incense type flavors.  Pretty strong too.

After a few minutes the after taste is driving me nuts.  It is real nasty.  Yes, it put out great vapor clouds, but what is the point if the flavor sucks so bad.

This one goes right down the drain. and the bottle in the trash.

Not much more to be said about this terrible flavor: Tobacco Regular, by Flavor West, SUCKS!!!

Vanilla Tobacco by Flavor West – review

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On 5-5-2013 I made up a batch of all my tobacco flavors from flavor west.  Since the higher numbers failed, I started at 2% this time.  That way if it is strong, it can be cut to 1%. If it still sucks at that point, it will likely hit the trash.  This post is about the Vanilla Tobacco by Flavor west. I make my e-liquids as a 50/50 mix of pg and vg.   The nic level on this starting batch is 0, zilch, nadda…  after tasting the other tobacco flavors, I figured I would do my search for a good flavor, before wasting my time and nicotine on bad flavors.  So, I made up all the flavors with no nic for now.

The vanilla tobacco was a pleasant surprise as far as flavor goes.  At just 2% it seems a bit weak, so I will mix it at 3 and 4 and see if those are any better without going over board.   The flavor as it stands though, is quite a nice vanilla, with a tobacco undertone.  But, like I said, it seems a bit on the weak side, so I look forward to the 3 and 4% batches to see how it does.

I let it steep for 10 days to see if that would help, but it is pretty much the same as I remember it being the day after it was made.  I like that, in that it seems like it is stable 24 hours after it is created.  This may or may not be the case with more flavoring added. Time will tell.   With the horrid flavors I have tried, this one is at least a nice twist of things.  I really look forward to trying it again tomorrow at a higher flavor mix to see how it is then.

Note, that I mention flavor west, and the flavor, a lot when I talk about these flavors.  That is because after hours and hours of research, I can’t find a dang thing about them on line.  Looked all over the place.  In all the major e-cig forums, on the site where I bought it, on flavor west’s site, and nothing.  Not a damn thing…   So, I figured since I bought like 27 flavors, I would test them all out and make a review on each and every one of them for anyone else that is thinking about buying them.

I did not buy them because they were any cheaper than other flavors.  I just wanted to try them out, so here I am.

Stay posted – I will update this as soon as I vape the vanilla tobacco at 3% and 4% flavor by flavor west.

OK,   Here is the review of Vanilla Tobacco by Flavor West at a 3% mix of flavor.

At 3%, the flavor is coming through much better.  I think I will stay there, instead of going up to 4%.  Your mileage may very.  If you are looking to make this flavor, it tastes pretty good, at 3 percent flavor mix.  You may want it a bit stronger at 4 or 5%, But it would be wise to start at 3 and work your way up slow to make sure you don’t shoot past the sweet spot for you.

I am almost in shock that this is a good tobacco flavor.  I do taste much more of the vanilla than tobacco, but it is a good tasting vape juice.   I am sure I will experiment by adding caramel,  blueberry, and other flavors to see how it mixes in with them.   I am just glad I found something with a tobacco base that I like from Flavor west.  I still have a few more to try out, but so far, the results have been more than dismal.

I decided to go ahead with the 4% mix on the flavor, just for the heck of it.  Kinda glad I did.  It didn’t seem to add more vanilla flavor, but seems to maybe brought out some of the tobacco in it a little better.  Strangely, a little bit of a fruity flavor coming through at this point as well.  I am not sure what that is about, but it is a very little bit like maybe a light juicy fruit gum.   I have not vaped any of my jungle juice since changing the wick and cleaning it all out, but to be sure it is not lingering from before, I will vape this for a while and make sure this is the actual flavor I am vaping, and that there are no cross mixing of flavors that I have vaped in the past. There shouldn’t be, since it has been cleaned out a few times since I vaped the jungle juice. Not to mention the wick changes too.   However, it was not there when vaping at 3% flavor mix, and I went from that, right to this 4% mix.

Any way you look at it..  I like this flavor.  At 2%, 3% and at 4% they are all good, while giving completely different flavor experiences. If you are a DIY flavor mixer, you need to give this one a try.  Hopefully it will be as good for you as it is for me.

Tim L

DIY American Tobacco by Flavor West

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Hello again,

I have been working on the American Tobacco from Flavor West lately, trying to find just the right amount of flavor.  Let me tell you, it is not simple to do, when there are no clues out there that say, “hey, start with this much flavor” … none at all that I could find.  Flavor west seems to be talked about very little.  Hopefully my reviews and posts will help others that are trying to make their own e liquids with flavor west flavors, because there was sure no info out there when I started, and I have looked long and hard.

Most of my fruity or at least non tobacco flavors you start with about 15 to 20% flavor in your eliquid.  I searched the web and found no info on the tobacco flavors from flavor west, so I started with the same amount.  Like most people, I am guessing, I started out on the wrong end of the spectrum, and put in 15% flavor.  OMG, that was the worst, most horrid taste you could ever imagine.   I let it steep for a week, then a month, and it just got worse.

Finally, I was noticing that a lot of the other flavor brands use 1 to 5% flavor for their tobacco flavors of e liquid.  So, I figured I would go to the other end of the scale and start with 1% and 2% batches the same day, so I could see how things go from the lower end.  I mixed up the two batches and let them sit over night, to allow the flavor to blend in.  I did not put them in hot water this time to fast steep them, as I was figuring it was just going to be a horrid flavor no matter what I do with it, so I didn’t waste the time with the extra step I usually take.  With that in mind, I added no nicotine to these batches so I wouldn’t just be wasting it on a dud flavor.

After they sat over night, I reluctantly tested them starting with the 1% flavor batch first, figuring it would be the least bad of the two.   To my amazement, it didn’t taste bad at all.  It didn’t have much flavor to it, but it was a decent flavor.  A light tobacco blend.  So, I tried the 2% and it was a little more flavorful but still tasted pretty decent.

My initial batches were made on 3-29.  I haven’t touched them again since the 30th, until now.  That is only 7 days since they were first  made.   I know from reading, that a lot of people let their tobacco flavors steep for a good month before using them to allow the flavoring to completely blend in with the other liquids in the juice.  I am a little more impatient I guess.  But I think that checking it each week will allow me to know when it is ready to vape.  Then I can add that info to my notes, and come up with a time frame to make eliquids so they are ready to vape before I run out of my previous batch of e liquid.

Ok, today’s vape of the 1% batch of the American tobacco flavor, by flavor west:  One week after making it.

The flavor is still very vapable, with a very light tobacco flavor.  Also, now, I notice somewhat of a grassy taste.  Kinda like the smell of a fresh cut lawn, but in a real light flavor.  Almost a hint of a light fruity taste, but the harsh perfume smell that it had at 15% is completely gone.  It has no bad perfume taste or smell to it at all now.  The vapor it produced is decent too.

Ok, now I am getting ready to test the 2% American Tobacco by Flavor West.  I take my corsair dripping atomizer and clean it with a paper towel, making sure to dry up all the left over liquid from the bowl and dry the wick as much as I can so when I use the 2% it will give me the 2% flavor closer to the beginning of the test.  The only better way would be changing the wick and coil, but they are the same flavor, just a different percentage of flavor amounts, so no need to take the time to do all that.

The 2% batch: one week after making it.

I ran 12 drops through it vaping it pretty quick to flush the rest of the 1% out, then filled it with another 15 drops from the 15 mil needle tipped bottle.   Now I am testing out the pure 2%.

It has a bit more flavor.  It is actually kinda nice, but it still has a bit of that grassy taste to it.  You can taste a nice blend of light tobaccos, and the vapor is pretty decent.  Almost no throat hit, but remember, there is no nicotine in it at all.  for non nicotine vapors, you can ad some stuff in to give throat hit for non nic e juices.  I will talk about that another time.

The vapor production on this is really great when I twist my battery up to 4 volts.  The flavor is a bit better too – a little bit of a sweet note to it.

After walking my dog, Gizmo, and letting my taste buds clear out, I took another big hit from it, and really notice a lot of the grass taste right off the bat.  After the second or third puff, it seems to lessen quite a lot, and turn into that almost sweet taste.  Kinda odd.   I think this may be a good base flavor to mix with other flavors, like apple, peach or blueberry.  It seems to need something to take out that grass taste.

Alone, I don’t think this cuts it, as there is not enough of a tobacco flavor to it.  The vapor production seems to be great though.  I think to be fair, I will mix a 4% batch to see if it brings out more of the tobacco hints.  They are there, but are very mild, and buried in the fresh cut grass flavor.   I will add to this once I have tested a 4% and possibly adding other flavors also, to see if it blends well.   I will also revisit these flavors at the end of the month so I can see how steeping for a month does for it.

Come back later, or subscribe to this blogs rss feed, so you can see the rest of the results.

Well, I got ready to mix a 4% batch, and saw that I had a 5% batch made up on 3-12.   It is already a couple of weeks old, so it is ready to test.  This batch has 3% nic in it.

About all I can say about the 5% batch is more of the same.  More grass flavor to it.  This is clearly not a stand alone flavor form me.  It is a bit strange, because it does not outright suck, but it just isn’t something I would vape without adding something to it.  I can taste some tobacco in it, but I am not sure what the grass flavor is all about.  It is definitely more pronounced than the tobacco.

Ok, today is April 18th, so it has been two more weeks since I first tasted this batch.   This batch will be 3 weeks old tomorrow.

Testing the 1% batch:  The flavor is still about the same as before.  The vapor production is still great also.  However, the grassy taste seems to have mellowed out  a bit.  Unfortunately it is still there, but not as harsh as a fresh cut lawn on a hot day.. it is more like a day or two later. Still there, just not as strong.  I am still having a hard time noticing a tobacco flavor in it.  It is very mild in that respect, but this is just a 1% batch, so I expect it to be on the week side.

Testing the 2% batch:
It is hard to taste a any major difference in the two this time around.  The 1% seems to have changed and the 2% is almost like the 1% at this point.  All my previous thoughts seem to remain the same for this flavor…  it is just not my cup of tea, and is not a good stand alone flavor.  I will now take these batches and test them with apple, peach or blueberry and see how things going, but I will clearly not be vaping on this alone.

It seems like the manufacturer thinks we smoke our lawns in America… not sure what is up with that.

Thank you for stopping by,

Tim L

Virginia fire cured by flavor west

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This is going to be a tough flavor, if it ever works for me at all.  First off, you will notice that if you go to make your own flavors, almost none of the flavor west flavors tell you what your starting point should be.  Some of the desert flavors say start at 20% flavor, but none of the tobaccos mention anything at all.

So, knowing 20% would be way too much, I started out with 20%, and let it steep for a month.  Oh, it is so strong and perfume smelling…

No matter.  I knew it would not be where I wanted it.  I cut it into 2 batches.  A 10% batch and a 5% batch.  Both were still way too strong. So, I took it down to 2%.

At this point, after steeping for over a week, it still has a lot of the perfume smell.  Kinda like if you walk into an incense store. Kinda tingles the nose a bit with an almost flowery smell.

Virginia fire cured, just does not seem to be a flavor that I will like to use, so I fumbled through my flavors, and decided to mix up a batch with some blueberry added.

I let it steep for a whole , oh, I don’t know…  maybe 2 minutes.  LOL  and put 10 drops in my atty to test out.  What the heck.  I know I don’t like the base flavor my itself, so let’s try adding some blueberry and see what happens.

It still has some of that flowery taste to it, but it seems like it may work well with the blueberry in it.  This first try, I have 2 mils of base, the Virginia fire cured at 2% flavor, and 2 tenths of a mil of blueberry extract. That is kinda light on the blueberry, as a rule, I think it should start at 20% but I didn’t want to over power it too much.

This is a 50/50 pg/vg mix, as that is what I normally use.  If you are following my articles, please stay tuned on this one, because it seems like it may be going somewhere nice.   I will give full details now, of the mix if you are wanting to try it out.

2 mils of the base.  2 tenths of a mil of blueberry also by flavor west.  All in a 50/50 pg/vg mix.  I use the ejuicemeup calculator to get my mixtures right.  Also, note that when it started out, my nic was only 8%.  I am not worried about the nic content yet, as I blend down to see if this flavor mix works.

Review so far:   After only about 10 to 15 minutes after making, so no real steeping time.

It has a nice smooth blueberry flavor on inhale and exhale.  The flowery taste is almost killed off and mixes well with the blueberry for sure.  However, it is still there.  Maybe with some steeping, it will dissipate.  Time will tell.  I will revisit the flavor in a week, 2, and 4 weeks and see how it progresses with age.  It also leaves a nice blue berry flavor on your lips, that lingers for a little while.  So you might need to watch what your eating or drinking with it, or you could get a bad taste from the two blending together.  Just a heads up. Goes nicely with my iced tea though.

The flavor is close to what I would like for a blubacco, but not quite there.  Perhaps a different tobacco base will work better.   It has a mild throat hit, and nice vapor production, so it is headed in the right direction.  For those of you that kinda like the flowery essence that the Virginia fire cured has, you may really love this as a blubacco base.

Test it out on your own, and perhaps add more or less of each to see what you come out with.  I don’t think it is going to be my main blue berry and tobacco flavor, but it may sneak up and be great in a few weeks.  I just figured I would toss in the blueberry since I didn’t like the main tobacco flavor, and it is at least fair off the bat, and most flavors do get better as they sit on the shelf for a few weeks.

Ok, I took a batch all the way down to 1% of this flavor.  Let it steep two weeks, and it still smells like women’s perfume.   It blows a real thick cloud of vapor at a 50/50 pg/vg mix, but the flavor just, well, to me anyways, this flavor is crap, and tastes nothing like any kind of tobacco.   I gave it every chance and it disapointed me on every attempt.

However, I finally got the horrid perfume smell to a minimum, so I know it would go well with blueberry now, but why waist my blueberry on this stuff.   I think it is headed to file C…  the trash can.

I sure hope this helps save someone else the time and headache of trying out this flavor, thinking it is supposed to somehow be a tobacco flavor – Because it isn’t.

Happy vaping,

Tim L




DIY e liquid review – Banana nut bread by Flavor west

Well, now I am starting to have some fun with my DIY e liquid making.  Since I have been vaping a while now, and have to drive around 75 miles round trip to get my favorite  smoke juice, I decided to give a go at making my own.  It is just too costly to drive that far to pick up some e liquids every couple of weeks. It tacks on an easy $20 for the gas.  So, I ordered the supplies, and started making some flavors of my own.  This is a review of the banana nut bread DIY flavoring from Flavor West.
The first thing I found out, is that there is no carved in stone way to make your eliquids.  There are several flavor vendors, and none of them have a set amount of flavor you ad, to make your juice.  It is mostly trial and error, and a lot of reading on the net to try finding what worked for others.  So, for my first batch, since my wife likes it so much, I made up some banana nut bread e liquid.   The best info I could find on the web said to use about 20% of the flavoring, with the mix, so I added my flavor,  nic, and set the e liquid calculator to a 50/50 mix of pg-vg, with 16mg of nicotine, with 15% of flavoring, just to be safe.
Believe it or not,,, it turned out pretty darn good.   I made a second batch at the 20% flavoring, and it was a bit too strong, so I lucked out the first time.  Nice.   The e liquid needs to sit for several hours, to several weeks, to steep in the flavor,  but we only waited an hour or so for the first try of it.  Then once it sat for a week, it was great.   My wife loves it, and that was important, because I made that batch for her.  Once this flavor sites for 7 or 8 days at room temperature, it becomes more bold, and flavorful.  Keep that in mind if you start making stronger batches.
With the 50/50 blend of pg and vg, it has a real good vapor, plenty of throat hit, and a real smooth flavor that you could vape all day.   If you like banana nut bread, then you should really give this flavor a try.  If you do not want to do it yourself, then there are tons of sites that sell ready to vape e liquids and many of them carry this flavor.
Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Vaping!
Tim L

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