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Hello again,

I have been working on the American Tobacco from Flavor West lately, trying to find just the right amount of flavor.  Let me tell you, it is not simple to do, when there are no clues out there that say, “hey, start with this much flavor” … none at all that I could find.  Flavor west seems to be talked about very little.  Hopefully my reviews and posts will help others that are trying to make their own e liquids with flavor west flavors, because there was sure no info out there when I started, and I have looked long and hard.

Most of my fruity or at least non tobacco flavors you start with about 15 to 20% flavor in your eliquid.  I searched the web and found no info on the tobacco flavors from flavor west, so I started with the same amount.  Like most people, I am guessing, I started out on the wrong end of the spectrum, and put in 15% flavor.  OMG, that was the worst, most horrid taste you could ever imagine.   I let it steep for a week, then a month, and it just got worse.

Finally, I was noticing that a lot of the other flavor brands use 1 to 5% flavor for their tobacco flavors of e liquid.  So, I figured I would go to the other end of the scale and start with 1% and 2% batches the same day, so I could see how things go from the lower end.  I mixed up the two batches and let them sit over night, to allow the flavor to blend in.  I did not put them in hot water this time to fast steep them, as I was figuring it was just going to be a horrid flavor no matter what I do with it, so I didn’t waste the time with the extra step I usually take.  With that in mind, I added no nicotine to these batches so I wouldn’t just be wasting it on a dud flavor.

After they sat over night, I reluctantly tested them starting with the 1% flavor batch first, figuring it would be the least bad of the two.   To my amazement, it didn’t taste bad at all.  It didn’t have much flavor to it, but it was a decent flavor.  A light tobacco blend.  So, I tried the 2% and it was a little more flavorful but still tasted pretty decent.

My initial batches were made on 3-29.  I haven’t touched them again since the 30th, until now.  That is only 7 days since they were first  made.   I know from reading, that a lot of people let their tobacco flavors steep for a good month before using them to allow the flavoring to completely blend in with the other liquids in the juice.  I am a little more impatient I guess.  But I think that checking it each week will allow me to know when it is ready to vape.  Then I can add that info to my notes, and come up with a time frame to make eliquids so they are ready to vape before I run out of my previous batch of e liquid.

Ok, today’s vape of the 1% batch of the American tobacco flavor, by flavor west:  One week after making it.

The flavor is still very vapable, with a very light tobacco flavor.  Also, now, I notice somewhat of a grassy taste.  Kinda like the smell of a fresh cut lawn, but in a real light flavor.  Almost a hint of a light fruity taste, but the harsh perfume smell that it had at 15% is completely gone.  It has no bad perfume taste or smell to it at all now.  The vapor it produced is decent too.

Ok, now I am getting ready to test the 2% American Tobacco by Flavor West.  I take my corsair dripping atomizer and clean it with a paper towel, making sure to dry up all the left over liquid from the bowl and dry the wick as much as I can so when I use the 2% it will give me the 2% flavor closer to the beginning of the test.  The only better way would be changing the wick and coil, but they are the same flavor, just a different percentage of flavor amounts, so no need to take the time to do all that.

The 2% batch: one week after making it.

I ran 12 drops through it vaping it pretty quick to flush the rest of the 1% out, then filled it with another 15 drops from the 15 mil needle tipped bottle.   Now I am testing out the pure 2%.

It has a bit more flavor.  It is actually kinda nice, but it still has a bit of that grassy taste to it.  You can taste a nice blend of light tobaccos, and the vapor is pretty decent.  Almost no throat hit, but remember, there is no nicotine in it at all.  for non nicotine vapors, you can ad some stuff in to give throat hit for non nic e juices.  I will talk about that another time.

The vapor production on this is really great when I twist my battery up to 4 volts.  The flavor is a bit better too – a little bit of a sweet note to it.

After walking my dog, Gizmo, and letting my taste buds clear out, I took another big hit from it, and really notice a lot of the grass taste right off the bat.  After the second or third puff, it seems to lessen quite a lot, and turn into that almost sweet taste.  Kinda odd.   I think this may be a good base flavor to mix with other flavors, like apple, peach or blueberry.  It seems to need something to take out that grass taste.

Alone, I don’t think this cuts it, as there is not enough of a tobacco flavor to it.  The vapor production seems to be great though.  I think to be fair, I will mix a 4% batch to see if it brings out more of the tobacco hints.  They are there, but are very mild, and buried in the fresh cut grass flavor.   I will add to this once I have tested a 4% and possibly adding other flavors also, to see if it blends well.   I will also revisit these flavors at the end of the month so I can see how steeping for a month does for it.

Come back later, or subscribe to this blogs rss feed, so you can see the rest of the results.

Well, I got ready to mix a 4% batch, and saw that I had a 5% batch made up on 3-12.   It is already a couple of weeks old, so it is ready to test.  This batch has 3% nic in it.

About all I can say about the 5% batch is more of the same.  More grass flavor to it.  This is clearly not a stand alone flavor form me.  It is a bit strange, because it does not outright suck, but it just isn’t something I would vape without adding something to it.  I can taste some tobacco in it, but I am not sure what the grass flavor is all about.  It is definitely more pronounced than the tobacco.

Ok, today is April 18th, so it has been two more weeks since I first tasted this batch.   This batch will be 3 weeks old tomorrow.

Testing the 1% batch:  The flavor is still about the same as before.  The vapor production is still great also.  However, the grassy taste seems to have mellowed out  a bit.  Unfortunately it is still there, but not as harsh as a fresh cut lawn on a hot day.. it is more like a day or two later. Still there, just not as strong.  I am still having a hard time noticing a tobacco flavor in it.  It is very mild in that respect, but this is just a 1% batch, so I expect it to be on the week side.

Testing the 2% batch:
It is hard to taste a any major difference in the two this time around.  The 1% seems to have changed and the 2% is almost like the 1% at this point.  All my previous thoughts seem to remain the same for this flavor…  it is just not my cup of tea, and is not a good stand alone flavor.  I will now take these batches and test them with apple, peach or blueberry and see how things going, but I will clearly not be vaping on this alone.

It seems like the manufacturer thinks we smoke our lawns in America… not sure what is up with that.

Thank you for stopping by,

Tim L