E-cigarette Bench-top tests

Today, I read another great report on the safety of electronic cigarette vapor, vs the smoke from Marlboro, and other cigarettes.

It is a great report, in that it seems to be written in a way that is much easier to understand for most people, than a lot of the lab type reports that I have been finding.  You can read this report, and should be able to see all the safety concerns addressed and not give your brain a huge workout trying to figure out what they mean.  Simple to read and follow with detailed test results on specific things like nicotine, and 50 priority-listed cigarette smoke toxicants.

The way it is laid out, I did not want to try copying it into this page, and loose all formatting, so I put a direct link for you to examine the data for yourself, in the full context and proper formatting.  Check it out, as it clearly shows that the ecigs have much less toxins than cigarettes do, and by a long, long ways.

Here is the report: