E-Cig Research – 10 studies

Who keeps saying there isn’t enough research about the long-term effects of electronic cigarettes?  The anti smoking radicals that think anything they don’t do is harming them!  You know the type…  people that go over board on everything, like the ones that feel you should never go play in the woods, fish, or camp… they think everyone should stay on the sidewalks and never enjoy the great outdoors…  They don’t rely on research, but spread lies against it and get all their yuppie friends to donate money to fight to take YOUR rights and freedoms away.  And what sucks, is that they are getting away with it, time and time again.

They say they need further studies to really understand whether they actually helpful, for smokers who want to quit.  They act like all the ex-smokers that vape are just a bunch of lies.   They don’t listen when we say how much better we feel after getting on e cigs.

Well folks, here is a bunch to read, all on one page.  I have other pages of them too, so if you need to see more research and studies, please read through my other pages too. Look under the safety tab in my menu for the research and studies.

These people keep saying that there is little no research about e-cigs, but this is no longer true. In fact, many of the same people that are saying this, have read the research and since it is not to their liking, simply ignore it like it was never done. Well, it has been done, and they are wrong. Plain and simple.

I found a page on the net that listed 10 very good looking studies on e-cigs and their affects, as well as health benefits to smokers.   I will keep looking and find more and more studies, and as I do, I will post them on my site, to help everyone learn the truth.  They helped me get away from real cigarettes, and I feel a whole lot better because of it.  Now here is some actual scientific proof to back up my statements.   Everything below this point, is as it was written on cocktailnerd.com.

Study #1: Health Improves After Switching to E-Cigarettes

In November 2009, independent university researchers did a survey to determine whether switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes influenced health. Results showed that 91% of smokers who switched to e-cigs had improved health and 97% were able to reduce or eliminate their chronic “smoker’s cough”. You can read the full study here.

Study #2: E-Cigs are Effective to Help Prevent Tobacco Related Mortality

In December 2010, Boston University of Public Health did a study to find out if e-cigarettes could reduce mortality risks related to tobacco. The results showed that “electronic cigarettes are a much safer alternative to tobacco.”  You can read the details of the study here.

Study #3: E-Cigs Can Function As a Smoking Cessation Device

In November 2011, the University of Catania studied whether smokers could use e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation device. At the end of the six-month study, almost a quarter of participants had quit smoking completely and over half had reduced their cigarette use by at least 50 percent. You can read the full study here.

Study #4: E-Cigarettes Do Not Damage Heart Function

In August 2012, the Greece’s Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center studied how e-cigs and tobacco cigarettes impact heart function. Participants who smoked tobacco cigarettes showed “acute impairment of 4 parameters” of cardiac function along with concerning increase in heart rate and higher blood pressure. Participants who used e-cigarettes had only a slight increase in blood pressure and no significant impact on heart function. Read the full study here.

Study #5: E-Cig Vapor Causes No Risk to Public Health

In October 1012, the National Vapers Club did a study to determine how e-cig vapor impacted the environment and whether secondhand vapor put people at risk. The results showed that e-cig vapor did not pose any discernible risk to public health. You can read the full study here.

Study #6: E-Cigs Cause No Major Respiratory Effects

In February 2013, a new research study determined that e-cigs caused no acute respiratory impact. After comparing both first and second hand impact of e-cig vapor, researchers found that even second hand exposure to tobacco smoke was more damaging to lung function than first hand exposure to e-cig vapor. You can read the full report here.

Study #7: E-Cig Vapor Contains Few Toxins

In March 2013, a study from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute looked at the level of toxins present in vapor from 12 e-cig brands. The results showed that toxic compounds in e-cigs were up to 450 times less than the toxins from cigarette smoke. Researchers said that the rate of toxins was similar, or in some cases lower than toxins in nicotine inhalers that are medically approved and prescribed. You can read more about the findings here.

Study #8: Second Hand Exposure to E-Cig Vapor is Not Dangerous

In April 2013, French researchers found that cigarette smoke lingered in the air for 19-20 minutes. In contrast, e-cig vapor dissipated in 11 seconds. The research team concluded that second hand exposure to e-cigarette vapor does not present any real risk. Read the study here.

Study #9: E-Cigs Do Not Cause Cell Damage or Death

In May 2013, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Greece studied the cytotoxic effects of electronic cigarettes. After looking at 21 different e-cig brands, the researchers concluded that there was no evidence that e-cigs cause cell damage or death. Read the full study here.

Study #10: E-Cigs Help Smokers Quit Even If They Don’t Intend To

In June 2013, Dr. Richard Polosa released the results of his recent study about e-cigs. Dr. Polosa recruited 300 smokers that were not interested in giving up tobacco. After providing them all with e-cigarettes for one year, he found that 8.7 percent quit smoking. You can read the details of the study here.

As you can see, research about electronic cigarettes is growing each year. Which one of these studies has the greatest potential impact on public opinion of e-cigarettes? What other studies would you like to see performed?

Original web page:  http://www.cocktailnerd.com/debunking-the-myth-of-inadequate-e-cig-research

I posted the site name and the actual page name of where this information was retrieved.  I am not the original author of this, but thought it was such a good collection of studies, that I needed this information on my site to share with my visitors.  We have to get the word out, about how e cigs are a healthier alternative to tobacco, and get the FDA on the right track before they do something completely stupid like ban them without proper research being read.

I feel regulation is needed, in that they should never be sold to minors, (under 18) and to people that do not currently smoke or use other tobacco products.  I also feel pretty strongly about the ingredients coming from good USDA approved places, like the e-liquids that I make for myself, using US derived nicotine, US Vegetable Glycerin, and US Propoline Glycol.  And only food grade or pharma grade flavorings and ingredients.   I personally feel that any state or country that bans electronic cigarettes is sentencing their own people to death.  Tobacco cigarettes kill, and that is a 100% proven fact!