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A note about me;

At 46, I went into the hospital, and had to have a quadruple bypass surgery – that is an open heart surgery.   It seems that cigarettes, as well as a bad diet, and lack of exercise lead to clogged arteries that feed my heart.  4 of my main arteries were 80 to 90% closed off.  After that, I was determined to not smoke again.  However, once the pain medication wore off, several weeks later,  the cravings came back.

My heart doctor told me, that if I did not quit smoking cigarettes, that I would be back in there in 2 years.  Trust me – that is pain that you do not choose to go through.  Open heart surgery leaves you with more pain than you could ever imagine in your wildest nightmares. For over a month!  and that is with good pain killers.

I made every attempt to get away from cigs. I tried the gum, patches, lozenges, chantix, and even hypnosis, cutting back a little at a time.  None of it worked.  One day, I picked up some E-Cigs from a gas station to check out.  I didn’t like them, because the battery would have to be charged several times a day.  But later on, I went to a flea market when there was an E-Cig store set up where I could try out better versions.  These were pretty good. I thought , hey, this may be the ticket to get me completely off of cigs, and let me dial down the nicotine over time.

We started at 24 milligram e-liquid, and kept going down over time.  Eventually I will be at zero nicotine.  This is actually working for me, and it is not driving me nuts.  I don’t have the cravings for a smoke very often now, because these actually taste a lot better.  I love the fact that they do not make me stink like an ash tray, and I really do feel a lot better.  I couldn’t tell how much better, until my wife picked up a pack of smokes… we smoked them, and with my health issues, I can feel the pressure, and problems that they cause.. it is kinda strange and hard to explain, but I could feel my arteries causing problems after a real cigarette.  And now that my taste buds are back, I don’t even like the taste of them anymore.

It may not work to help everyone else stop smoking…  It does not work for my wife, but it is sure working for me.  With or without FDA approval as a healthier, alternative to tobacco cigarettes, or not, it is doing a good job for me, and letting me quit my way.  Without going nuts, without itching from a patch, or having to tape the dang thing on to keep it there.  No gum pulling my fillings out.  Just vaping.

And the best thing about it is, I have over a hundred flavors to choose from.  I vape several flavors, and am looking for my favorite, but there are as many bad ones as there are good ones, so it is a search that will take time.   If you start using an electronic cigarette, you will also find, that the hunt for great flavors is part of the fun in it.  It gives you something to do, and you can choose from almost any flavor you can think of.  There are tobacco flavors, and non tobacco flavors.

I will make a page about the different flavors as I try them, and start it with ones I already tried.  I will keep adding to it over time to let you know what I think about the many flavors out there.   Look for them in my flavor reviews section of the blog.  There are about 25 of them at the time I wrote this page, and I will keep adding to it as I get more new flavors, or make more with my DIY set up I have here.

Tim L