Cheesecake flavor by Flavor West, DIY E Liquid Review

August 6, 2013 by  
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Now I am testing the cheesecake flavor, by flavor west for my DIY eliquids.   I will tell how I made this batch, and what flavor percentages I used, so you can duplicate this is you should choose.  Note, I bought this flavor to be mixed with other flavors, but I am also testing it on it’s own, so I can determine how strong to make it to add to other flavors, to make things like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake and such.  Well, to my surprise, this stuff is really pretty good on it’s own.  Please continue reading to see all the info.

I mixed this batch at 30 pg and 70 vg blend.  When I do this, I am putting 2% water in the batch to help thin down the vg.  I think it needs a lot more if you plan to use it in a carto, but I would suggest going with a 50/50 blend if that is what you are doing, so it will wick good. I test all these using a dripping atomizer so I can clean it and go right to the next flavor, and it gives me a better vape than a carto, because I personally enjoy more air flow than any cartomizer or clearomizer I have tried yet.

Ok, I made this just yesterday, on 8-4-2013.  Oh, I guess that was two days ago.. how time flies.  Anyway, to get back to the point, I put in a new wick after cleaning my atomizer real good.  Then put in about 10 drops of the cheesecake eliquid.  I cautiously took a nice long drag, and inhaled the vapor of a very, and I mean a very, pleasing cheesecake.   It was smooth and good tasting.  A lot  of my flavors, I want to be stronger than this, and you may feel this is on the week side.  But use caution before making it stronger, without giving it a month to steep.  I would hate to see you make a big batch that chokes you after 3 or 4 weeks.  Time will tell how this is at that point.

It is a bit on the week side, but still, a very very nice flavor.  No funky after taste at all.  Not quite like a real slice of cheesecake, but almost.  It may need up to 5% more, or more pg to carry the flavor better.  For those of you that do not know, VG is a poor flavor carrier, so many things made of pure vg, or mostly vg will need added flavor amounts.   I generally go with 50/50 pg/vg , but doing things different this week, more or less to say I did.  LOL   No, really, it is because VG produces more thick vapor than PG, and I just wanted to do some and see how it goes, since I am using a dripping atomizer anyways.

Recipe I followed:

15% flavoring , then 70 vg and 30 pg.  The vg has 2% added distilled water, which could go up to perhaps 5% water.  That would help carry the flavor better, as well as help it to wick better in a carto, but mostly just to ad a higher amount of vapor to it and thin it a bit more.

Mixing flavors:

I mixed this with some blueberry, and another batch with some chocolate.  The blueberry I added 50/50 with the cheesecake.  It was pretty darn good, but the blueberry is a real weak flavor right now.  I also mixed with the chocolate, and that was okay, but not great.  The chocolate is a very mild silky milk chocolate and I think this would be much better with a richer or even a darker chocolate.  I did not try it with the cherry flavor, simply because the cherry did not work out so well.  However, I do have graham cracker, which I got for the crust flavor, and put it in the blueberry and chocolate cheesecake mixes and that was nice too.  Less is needed for the chocolate than the blueberry.

Well, I hope you get some of this and enjoy playing with it to come up with a great flavor or, a set of flavors for you.  I have to say, this cheesecake, even though real mild right now, is a winner, because it has such a good flavor to it. I will know if I need to go to 20% flavor after it steeps for a month.

Happy vaping,

Tim L