Virginia fire cured by flavor west

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This is going to be a tough flavor, if it ever works for me at all.  First off, you will notice that if you go to make your own flavors, almost none of the flavor west flavors tell you what your starting point should be.  Some of the desert flavors say start at 20% flavor, but none of the tobaccos mention anything at all.

So, knowing 20% would be way too much, I started out with 20%, and let it steep for a month.  Oh, it is so strong and perfume smelling…

No matter.  I knew it would not be where I wanted it.  I cut it into 2 batches.  A 10% batch and a 5% batch.  Both were still way too strong. So, I took it down to 2%.

At this point, after steeping for over a week, it still has a lot of the perfume smell.  Kinda like if you walk into an incense store. Kinda tingles the nose a bit with an almost flowery smell.

Virginia fire cured, just does not seem to be a flavor that I will like to use, so I fumbled through my flavors, and decided to mix up a batch with some blueberry added.

I let it steep for a whole , oh, I don’t know…  maybe 2 minutes.  LOL  and put 10 drops in my atty to test out.  What the heck.  I know I don’t like the base flavor my itself, so let’s try adding some blueberry and see what happens.

It still has some of that flowery taste to it, but it seems like it may work well with the blueberry in it.  This first try, I have 2 mils of base, the Virginia fire cured at 2% flavor, and 2 tenths of a mil of blueberry extract. That is kinda light on the blueberry, as a rule, I think it should start at 20% but I didn’t want to over power it too much.

This is a 50/50 pg/vg mix, as that is what I normally use.  If you are following my articles, please stay tuned on this one, because it seems like it may be going somewhere nice.   I will give full details now, of the mix if you are wanting to try it out.

2 mils of the base.  2 tenths of a mil of blueberry also by flavor west.  All in a 50/50 pg/vg mix.  I use the ejuicemeup calculator to get my mixtures right.  Also, note that when it started out, my nic was only 8%.  I am not worried about the nic content yet, as I blend down to see if this flavor mix works.

Review so far:   After only about 10 to 15 minutes after making, so no real steeping time.

It has a nice smooth blueberry flavor on inhale and exhale.  The flowery taste is almost killed off and mixes well with the blueberry for sure.  However, it is still there.  Maybe with some steeping, it will dissipate.  Time will tell.  I will revisit the flavor in a week, 2, and 4 weeks and see how it progresses with age.  It also leaves a nice blue berry flavor on your lips, that lingers for a little while.  So you might need to watch what your eating or drinking with it, or you could get a bad taste from the two blending together.  Just a heads up. Goes nicely with my iced tea though.

The flavor is close to what I would like for a blubacco, but not quite there.  Perhaps a different tobacco base will work better.   It has a mild throat hit, and nice vapor production, so it is headed in the right direction.  For those of you that kinda like the flowery essence that the Virginia fire cured has, you may really love this as a blubacco base.

Test it out on your own, and perhaps add more or less of each to see what you come out with.  I don’t think it is going to be my main blue berry and tobacco flavor, but it may sneak up and be great in a few weeks.  I just figured I would toss in the blueberry since I didn’t like the main tobacco flavor, and it is at least fair off the bat, and most flavors do get better as they sit on the shelf for a few weeks.

Ok, I took a batch all the way down to 1% of this flavor.  Let it steep two weeks, and it still smells like women’s perfume.   It blows a real thick cloud of vapor at a 50/50 pg/vg mix, but the flavor just, well, to me anyways, this flavor is crap, and tastes nothing like any kind of tobacco.   I gave it every chance and it disapointed me on every attempt.

However, I finally got the horrid perfume smell to a minimum, so I know it would go well with blueberry now, but why waist my blueberry on this stuff.   I think it is headed to file C…  the trash can.

I sure hope this helps save someone else the time and headache of trying out this flavor, thinking it is supposed to somehow be a tobacco flavor – Because it isn’t.

Happy vaping,

Tim L




DIY Fruit Punch, by flavor west Review

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Hi all,  I am just writing another flavor review of a home made or DIY flavor I made up on Feb 9th.

The flavor is Fruit Punch by flavor west. Unless I state otherwise, in a review, I make my e-liquid as a 50/50 mix of PG and VG, but have been testing things out with more VG to see how it goes on some flavors.  This one is another 50/50 pg/vg blend.

When I first made this batch up, I made 10 milliliters, so I would have plenty if it turned out good.  However, I heat steeped it twice by putting it in a pan of just boiled water, until it cooled to room temp, then boiled the water and did it again, after shaking up the blend again.

Then, the next day – about 24 hours later, I gave it a try.  Oh man…  it about gagged me.  It could have gagged a maggot, as I say.

Well, I know that many flavors are no good right off the mixing table, so I put it aside, and had not touched it since.  I found it as I was making some other flavors today, and got brave enough to give it another go, after opening the bottle, and seeing that the smell was quite nice now.  Before it was so strong smelling, it would make your nose hairs burn.

So, I vaped the rest of my island flavor out of my dripping atty, so I could try it without having to wash out a clearomizer.  I didn’t have very high hopes for it.  I put in enough to check it out…  and oh my,, what a sweet surprise it was to vape this fruit punch mix I made up.

The first thing I noticed was a nice mild sweetness, then that tropical punch flavor kicked in the background.  Talk about a nice smooth vape that you could use in the morning, noon or night.  This turned out pretty darn good after waiting for about 4 weeks.  After the flavor was coming through good, I noticed a super soft throat hit.  The throat hit is very mild, but I only have it at 8% nicotine.  After several vapes, I can feel a slight tingle on my tongue, rather than in my throat.

Another huge plus for it, is the vapor production.  I have vaped a few that I thought were a 10 on a ten point scale, but this one knocked it out of the park with about a 14 on a 10 point scale.  I mean literally vapor so thick it blocks out what is in front of me.  I have never had vapor production this vivid before with any other flavor at all.   All I can say is WOW.  If you enjoy HUGE VAPOR, then you will absolutely love this if you like fruit punch to begin with.

One down side, which others may enjoy, is that I notice a creamy or waxy feeling in my mouth after vaping it for a while.  I think that is due to the vapor being so thick that it is allowing more of the flavor and nicotine to sit on my tongue.  That is just a guess though.

If I were to start selling flavors, this one would need to be made up a month before it was ready to sell, but oh is it so worth the wait.   I am now real glad I made a 10 mil test batch instead of just a 3 to 5 mil test.  Now I have plenty to vape over the next few days.

My electronic cigarette loves this stuff.  I am vaping this at 3.6 volts on my ego twist, in a 1.5 ohm atty.

If you are looking for a good DIY, then this is a great choice.

Thanks for stopping by,

DIY e liquid review – Banana nut bread by Flavor west

Well, now I am starting to have some fun with my DIY e liquid making.  Since I have been vaping a while now, and have to drive around 75 miles round trip to get my favorite  smoke juice, I decided to give a go at making my own.  It is just too costly to drive that far to pick up some e liquids every couple of weeks. It tacks on an easy $20 for the gas.  So, I ordered the supplies, and started making some flavors of my own.  This is a review of the banana nut bread DIY flavoring from Flavor West.
The first thing I found out, is that there is no carved in stone way to make your eliquids.  There are several flavor vendors, and none of them have a set amount of flavor you ad, to make your juice.  It is mostly trial and error, and a lot of reading on the net to try finding what worked for others.  So, for my first batch, since my wife likes it so much, I made up some banana nut bread e liquid.   The best info I could find on the web said to use about 20% of the flavoring, with the mix, so I added my flavor,  nic, and set the e liquid calculator to a 50/50 mix of pg-vg, with 16mg of nicotine, with 15% of flavoring, just to be safe.
Believe it or not,,, it turned out pretty darn good.   I made a second batch at the 20% flavoring, and it was a bit too strong, so I lucked out the first time.  Nice.   The e liquid needs to sit for several hours, to several weeks, to steep in the flavor,  but we only waited an hour or so for the first try of it.  Then once it sat for a week, it was great.   My wife loves it, and that was important, because I made that batch for her.  Once this flavor sites for 7 or 8 days at room temperature, it becomes more bold, and flavorful.  Keep that in mind if you start making stronger batches.
With the 50/50 blend of pg and vg, it has a real good vapor, plenty of throat hit, and a real smooth flavor that you could vape all day.   If you like banana nut bread, then you should really give this flavor a try.  If you do not want to do it yourself, then there are tons of sites that sell ready to vape e liquids and many of them carry this flavor.
Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Vaping!
Tim L